List of prices

Price list for services Services are tailored to meet your specific needs Support for export success 1,5% – 2,5% Value of the shipment Assistance with export transactions Procedures for dealing with export activities Customer service after the sale Fee for using a free service   For a consultation, please contact us! Providing information on a […]

Support for export success

Hỗ trợ xuất khẩu thành công

If you want to expand your business internationally but don’t have any international sales experience, you’ll learn everything you need to know about finding import customers, negotiating transactions in English, choosing payment methods, shipping methods, and more, as well as how to successfully close export orders. We offer solutions to advise, support, and lead organizations […]

Provide purchase order details

Đơn hỏi mua hàng

A purchase order is a request from a buyer to a seller to advise him of the purchase price and terms. The buyer, on the other hand, might specify his own needs or conditions for the items throughout the exchange process so that the two parties can agree and reach a final conclusion. has […]

List of potential import customers

Danh sách khách hàng nhập khẩu tiềm năng

Reaching out to a big number of potential consumers with import need will open up a lot of doors for foreign orders to be placed. Most international clients are receptive to international offers since they are always looking for better, lower pricing in huge volumes. We give a solution to produce a list of possible […]

Overseas market research

A comprehensive marketing plan is required to expand the international market and boost the quantity of export orders. Instead of making judgments solely on your gut feelings or personal preferences, you should utilize data to make better educated selections and minimize potential hazards. Professional overseas market research services can supply you with all of the […]


Kết nối với hàng triệu nhà nhập khẩu từ khắp nơi trên thế giới.

Contact millions of importers all across the world 1.000.000+globally active importer 5.000+submit a quotation request 200+Vietnam’s main export sector is an e-commerce platform that assists Vietnamese small and medium businesses in expanding their worldwide reach Connect with a global network of millions of importers. Get the resources and knowledge you need to create a […]


Manage your store Note: 1. Use English to fill in the store information, description, and product introduction 2. Include the unit price in the product title or short descriptionEx: Vietnamese yellow corn of excellent quality and inexpensive cost (Ton)