Provide purchase order details

Cung cấp thông tin đơn hỏi mua hàng

A purchase order is a request from a buyer to a seller to advise him of the purchase price and terms. The buyer, on the other hand, might specify his own needs or conditions for the items throughout the exchange process so that the two parties can agree and reach a final conclusion. has the benefit of being Vietnam’s top e-commerce platform for export vendors, receiving hundreds of quotation inquiries every day from importers all over the globe.’s Purchase Inquiry service bundle will contain the following:

  • In terms of the importer’s content, complete contact information, and special buying criteria;
  • At least three orders every month in terms of quantity;
  • In terms of quality, we are dedicated to notifying you that each buy order represents a current purchasing demand.

Please contact us if you would like to place a custom order for your sector